In this brief introduction, we introduce you to the hen and its family, including its classification in the animal kingdom and its Latin name.

The hen is the female of the cockerel or cock. The hen's young are called chicks.

The pullet is a young hen, under a year old. A boiler is a chicken 6 to 9 months old, raised for meat, and a broiler is a cockerel of 2 or 3 pounds, at 8-12 weeks old.

A capon is a castrated rooster, used for its meat. The meat of a capon tends to be more tender.

A bantam is a small breed of poultry.


Scientific name: Galus galus

Classification: Animalia

Branche: Chordata

Class: Aves

Order: Galliformes

Family: Phasianidae

Genus: Gallus

European synonyms: kip (NL), pollo (ES generic), pollo (ES/IT generic), gallina (ES/IT), galinha (PT), frango (PT generic), Huhn (German generic), poulet (FR generic), poule (FR for hen).

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